Everything you need to know regarding Trekking in Ladakh

Individuals that are interested in hiking will find Trekking in Ladakh ideal for them. It will provide them with lots of fun and excitement. Here, we have presented some guidelines that you should bear in mind while performing trekking right here. But there is no doubt that this activity will provide you with some great thrill that you were always looking for. The two most reputed locations for trekking happen to be Zanskar and Ladakh. While one does not need any visas for trekking in the Himalayas, foreigners will need valid passports for doing so. One cannot capture photos and videos right here without permission. Let us find out the Ladakh trekking tips in the following paragraphs.

Ladakh Trekking Tips

It will be a good idea to perform the trekking either on your own or with a guide. This pointer is applicable while Trekking in India in other parts of the country. Whether you are trekking with the help of a guide or not will depend on the trek’s difficulty level. This is because you can cover certain routes such as the Markha Valley independently without any problems at all. Even though you can save some cash by Trekking in Ladakh independently, it is advisable to take the help of a guide. The reason for this is that certain trekking routes like the Stok Kangri Trek are rather challenging for most trekkers out there.

While planning to trek in Ladakh, bear in mind to bring certain essential items with you. These can be sleeping and hiking clothes, water purification tablets, and reusable water bottles, river shoes, fleece jackets, hats, and sunglasses. Apart from this, you can also carry a trekking backpack featuring a waterproof cover, additional batteries for the camera, a power bank, and a medical kit plus toiletries.

Always remember that the best time for trekking in this location happens to be from the beginning of June to the month of September. The most hectic month is August and it starts raining from the latter part of August to September. If you want to have a better experience, make sure to go trekking in June and July.

You will be able to perform homestays and camping in certain treks as well. Even though camping might be exciting, it can be rather challenging to sleep inside a tent when it is raining or when there is excessive cold. On the other hand, homestays will provide you with the opportunity of experiencing the culture and traditions of the place. It is also quite affordable for most tourists going there.

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