Attractions in and around Ladakh

Ladakh is a paradise on earth that offers an array of activities and attractions to one and all. Not only foreigners but locals are at time amazed by the beauty of the place. Most of the part of Ladakh has hills and hence the terrain is apt for bike riding, trekking and various other activities. If you are solo traveller or an ardent lover of bikes, bike riding in the terrain is quite exciting. There are beautiful valleys, lakes and other attractions that are apt for sightseeing. For those travelling with family or friends can enjoy the beauty of the nature, relish some of the amazing food and cuisines of the area and indulge in lifetime memories.

Best spots for Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the well-known tourist locations in Kashmir that witness a number of visitors annually. Although the place has many things to offer to a tourist, but the best time to visit the place is during the summers basically from April to July. However, in Ladakh, the temperature is quite chilling and favourable almost throughout the year. One of the best and preferred activity is Trekking In Ladakh that can be done at several places in the vicinity. Some of the Best Trekking in Ladakh happens at below spots:

  • Markha valley trek in the Hemis National Park takes 6 to 8 days
  • Nubra Valley trek from Phyang to Hunder takes 5 days
  • Rumtse to Tso Moriri trek takes 7 days
  • Sham Valley trek takes 3 days
  • Stok Kangri trek takes 4 to 6 days and many more trekking spots

Based on difficulty of the terrain, the time taken to complete the trekking activity will vary. Being a part of the Himalayan region, there is no dearth of the trekking opportunities in and around Ladakh. Even for the first timers, there are less complex or difficult trekking paths that can be undertaken. Based on the number of days of you stay, you can choose from the above spots or any other spot for Trekking in Leh Ladakh.

Why choose Leh Ladakh for vacation and travel

Leh Ladakh area is one of the most favourite tourist destinations in India that witnesses many numbers of travellers from across the globe. No matter where or which direction you look at, there is always a spot for beauty or photo in leh Ladakh. Nature has bestowed many beautiful locations to Ladakh and locals and foreigners are equally amazed by it. Irrespective of the season, Leh Ladakh has many attractions that are open to travellers. Other reasons to visit the place includes the following:

  • Ladakh and Leh are mountainous area that offers a diverse range of flora and fauna
  • There are numerous monasteries to pay a visit and often foreigners are attracted by the beauty of the same
  • Ladakh and Leh is one of the most suitable places for bikers who love bike riding on hilly terrains
  • Apart from attractions, there are many activities that one can undertake in Leh and Ladakh
  • There are many attractions for sightseeing including beautiful valleys and lakes
  • Relish some of the amazing local cuisines here
  • Ladakh has a diversity in terms of cultural extravaganza