Why is Zanskar considered to be a notable place of interest amongst the tourists?

Zanskar happens to be one of those destinations in India which is least explored in recent times. It is situated 105 km from Leh in the Ladakh area of Jammu and Kashmir, and one will only be able to go there between the months of April and August. This area will provide us with the picturesque beauties of the snowcapped mountain ranges as well as the sparkling blue rivers which help to make it a perfect destination for spending your holidays.

Zanskar, which is located in the Himalayan range, is quite well-known amongst adventure enthusiasts. It happens to be a hotspot for paragliding, river rafting, as well as trekking. As a matter of fact, Lamayuru-Padum as well as Lamayuru to Darcha happens to be two of the most well-known trekking routes passing around Zanskar. Moreover, treks to Khangri and Markha Valley begin from here as well. It is considered to be a unique trek that will be offered on frozen water.

While going on Zanskar Tour, you will come across many Buddhist monasteries and monks in the everyday life of Zanskar. Although the local language happens to be Zanskari, the natives of this place can also talk in Ladakhi, Hindi, and Urdu. Moreover, some locals likewise talk in English and Tibetan language.

How to reach Zanskar

  • By air – Go to the Kushok Bakula airport situated close to Leh. Make sure to go for a hired car to reach Zanskar Valley following this.
  • By train – Go to the Jammu Tawi railway station. Following this, take a hired vehicle or taxi for reaching Leh and then to Zanskar Valley.
  • By road – It will be essential to first go to Kargil if one has to reach Zanskar Valley on road. One will be able to access this via Leh or Srinagar. Leh is situated approximately 460 km away from Zanskar Valley which you will be able to cover within 11 hours by traveling via NH 301 and NH 1. After reaching Leh, make sure to take a rented vehicle which will take you to Zanskar via Kargil. The most effective way to reach Leh will be through Srinagar which will provide you with properly connected roads for reaching your travel destination during the Zanskar Valley Tour.

Best time to visit

  • Summer – During summer, the best time to visit this place will be between June and September. The weather will be decent at this time for the travelers who are going to visit this location. However, before June one will be encountering bad roads which will be not acceptable for travel purposes.
  • Winter – In case you like to take your Zanskar Culture Tour in winter, then you have to reach the Valley during the months of December, January, or February. For this, you need to go for the Chadar trek due to the fact that the roads will not be operational at this particular time. Although it will be advisable to come here during summer, you can pick the winter season only if you are ready to endure lots of physical exertion.

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