Tips for traveling to Ladakh during the winter months

With the arrival of winter, one question might arise in your mind regarding how to travel to Ladakh during winter. One has to plan the Winters in Ladakh very carefully since one incorrect move can put him in a dangerous situation in the middle of extreme cold conditions. Here, we have presented some tips that will help you to become prepared for the winter Ladakh tour.

Tips for travel to Ladakh during the cold winter months

Make it a point to carry a sleeping bag along with you which has a rating of 0 to -10 degree Celsius. Otherwise, you may also bring with you a double summer sleeping bag along with a fleece layering. It is imperative for your guest house or hotel to provide you with thick and warm quilts as well as a heater. The sleeping bag and the quilt will help to keep you warm and comfortable.

It is essential to go to Ladakh properly prepared during winter with heavy woolen clothing so that you can keep yourself covered always. You should keep yourself warm by wrapping a muffler around the neck or keep your neck covered with the help of a jacket having zippers. Always remember that you will suffer a lot in case you catch a cold during the Winters in Leh Ladakh.

You should also prepare your budget properly and should carry sufficient cash along with you. You have very less options for staying in this situation and this might change at times so as to include heating facilities which the hotels provide during the cold winter months. However, you need to pay some cash for purchasing the heater in the long run. You may consider a simple diet consisting of dal and rice to be a luxury in this situation. You will not find many hotels at this time while you are in and around Leh. Also, you should carry adequate money along with you since most ATMs will not be viable because of the lack of electricity and cash.

One more essential tip will be to plan several buffer days in hand for avoiding any hazards because of an abrupt snowfall. Verify the weather forecasts prior to visiting Chang La pass or Khardung la pass. Also, make certain that there is no sign of any heavy snowfall for that particular day or in the near future. After verifying the weather conditions, it will be a good idea to take some calculated risks. Moreover, keep some buffer days in hand in case you become trapped because of some abrupt snowfall in Ladakh in Winters.

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