Rafting and other experiences in Ladakh

Leh Ladakh often are used together and the pair is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. It has some of the amazing landscape that makes it no less than a paradise on earth. Leh is the capital city of Ladakh, which is one of the Union territories of India. Leh as a tourist spot has gained much popularity among the tourists as it is considered to be the only cold desert in the country. Not only the climate is suitable throughout the year, but other attractions too attract many visitors from across the globe. For a traveller, Leh Ladakh are not 2 separate places rather a single entity to explore. Leh is a part of Ladakh province and the main place to explore when around Ladakh.

Tour to Leh Ladakh

The place is appropriate for all kinds of travellers. It has something or the other to offer to all age ground irrespective of their age or gender. Although you can visit the place anytime of the season, but for those planning to visit the place for the first time, it is better to pay a visit during the summers. From April to July the temperature of the place is somewhat between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Being a part of the Himalayan region, the temperature is usually cold throughout the year. However, July is slightly warmer than other months.

There are many attractions around the place that can be undertaken including River Rafting in Ladakh, bike riding, horse riding, trekking, camping, sightseeing and many more. To explore the entire place, a minimum of 10 days is required, but if the itinerary is well planned, you can cover major attractions and enjoy the trip to the fullest. The food culture has lot of Tibetan influence which are very popular among the locals and tourists alike. There are festivals and cultural activities throughout the year, Hemis and Losar being the most famous festivals.

Rafting around Leh Ladakh

Not only for sightseeing, is Leh Ladakh also a paradise for adventure seekers. One of the most preferred and an adventurous activity is that of River Rafting in Leh Ladakh. June to August is considered to be the best season for rafting here when the water lever is pretty high. Indus River provides for some of the exciting and the Best River Rafting in Ladakh. Rapids of first and second grade are available here. Some of the rafting paths around the river includes the following:

  • Phey Nimo starts from Phey and ends at Indus Zanskar
  • Upshi Kharu starts from Upshi and progresses towards Kharu. This is comparatively easier than Phey Nimo route
  • Phey Saspol from Phey ends at Saspol on the Leh Srinagar highway
  • Kharu Spituk is one of the most suitable paths for the beginners
  • Saspol Khaltsey is one of the mesmerising tracks that is fun and thrilling both for beginners and advanced level rafters

Though Indus River is famous for rafting, Zanskar river is also quite famous for its challenging rapids of the river. Follow the guidelines of the professional or agent before engaging in the activity especially if you are a beginner.