Leh Ladakh Travel Package

Individuals who have already visited Ladakh with the help of authentic Ladakh Tour Packages will be simply mesmerized by the elegance of the location. In case you have not been able to visit this place, you may call yourself to be somewhat unlucky. Being the biggest province of Kashmir, Ladakh will provide you with one of the best sceneries that you will come across on the planet. Here, you will find lush green fields along with snowcapped mountains, meandering rivers, and streams as well as the coldest desert in the country. However, it is not simple to conduct an expedition in this location due to its inclement climatic conditions as well as its remote location.

Several attractions of the Ladakh tour

  • It will be a good idea to spend a day right here exploring the monasteries out there. As a matter of fact, one can consider Ladakh to be amongst the most significant pilgrimage locations for Buddhists given that there are so many monasteries scattered everywhere. The Thiksey Monastery, Namgyal Tsemo Gompa, and Matho Monastery deserve special mention.
  • During your tour to Ladakh after booking an authentic and reliable Ladakh Travel Package, you will be presented with the gorgeous Pangong Lake which happens to be the highest saltwater lake on the planet. This lovely lake will also provide you with amazing natural beauty and it changes its color quite frequently much to your disbelief as well. Approximately 30% of the lake falls in India while the rest is in China.
  • Leh happens to be the biggest urban area in Ladakh which will provide you with plenty of natural beauty. Here, you will find some imposing structures such as the Stock Palace Museum, and the Leh Palace, as well as other low-roofed homes. This wonderful town will also offer lots of incredible viewpoints too.
  • In case you happen to be an adventure buff and a hiker, then you will definitely like to visit Leh. It will be possible for you to go trekking thanks to the snowcapped Himalayan mountain ranges. Here, we like to mention that the well-known Ladakh Zansker trekking trail happens to be quite famous among adventure enthusiasts out there. You might feel adrenalin flowing through your veins while crossing through the frozen mountainous routes along with shimmering rivers, waterfalls, and streams. One more thrilling experience that you can have in this part of the world happens to be white water rafting.

Some important travel tips

  • It is imperative to carry sunscreen along with you since you will be at a higher altitude in the open sunlight.
  • Make it a point to bring along with you a pair of waterproof footwear, particularly if you want to perform some outdoor adventures. This will help you to wade across the small streams while roaming about in this area.
  • It is a fact that the weather in this region can become nasty all of a sudden. Therefore, it will be a good idea to take the help of Leh Ladakh Travel Packages and leave your hotel in the company of other individuals under the supervision of a local guide. Make sure to protect yourself from the cold weather by packing some warm garments since it can be quite cold at night.