Tour Packages to Kashmir

Kailash Expeditions is a well-reputed travel & tour company based in Jammu. We don't treat clients as strangers, we treat them as family. There are many travel companies but our company is special for Ladakh, Kashmir, Himachal, and Sikkim trips. We took all the responsibilities from day 1 to the last day. Our guides show & everything about that particular area. All about their culture, a specialty of that area, and every small detail they used to provide. There were many people who were scared about our services and had many doubts but now a maximum of them have become our regular customers. We always try to give our best with an affordable package.

Explore Kashmir:

Kashmir is known as one of the most beautiful places in India. Kailash Expeditions is a registered non-government company in Jammu. They know everything about Himachal and even the Himalayas. We can guarantee that the we know a lot about the Himalayas because our ancestors climbed the Himalayas. You can trust us as we will show you all the beautiful, underrated areas and will share many unknown stories which other agencies try to hide from their clients. Without guides don't do Kashmir Tours as it will be a waste of money. From Himachal, Srinagar, and Kashmir every place will cover up. You can go couple-wise, family-wise, with friends or if you are thinking of a solo trip, no worries as the agency is very protective & will guide you from first to last. Ask every travel agency about the Tour Packages to Kashmir. Our company provides affordable and luxurious, cozy, trips.

Why choose the Kailash Expedition Company?

Phuntsog Tundup, Stanzin Phutsog, and Dorjay Namgyal are the three directors of the Kailash Expedition company. On 6th January 2022, The company was privately incorporated. It's not the oldest agency company, so the services we provide right now are very good with huge sums of discounts. People can go & check on our official page & can also go through the reviews. Just like Kashmir Tour Packages many other packages are also available. If you want to explore these places, then you should always come over here. Traveling is something that is there in our blood. It's our passion to explore & share places with people and also we love to meet we can promise you that you will love our services. Out company is going to expand more and will come up with new & exciting adventures.

Explore Kailash Mountain:

Our company name is Kailash Expeditions so, by hearing this name you can guess we are the experts and know more about Kailash. Kailash is one of the hardest mountains for trekking. Many people died while climbing. It has many hidden places which most of us don't know but we know every single detail about this place. It's about luck because many people cannot climb but we can give you a guarantee that our clients will be safe enough with guides. For more details, you can contact us through mail or contact us via number.