Exploring the Zanskar Valley of Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is one of the most popular and widely visited places in India. It can be ideally considered as a paradise on earth that has numerous activities, and sightseeing opportunities to offer to its visitors. The locals as well as travellers are equally mesmerised by the beauty of the place. The best time to visit the place is undoubtedly the summers, from April to July. The temperature at this time is pretty warm and hence favourable. Although the temperatures drop at night, you will still feel a warmth by the never-ending charm of the place.

Exploring the hidden gem of Ladakh

There are many natural and hidden places in and around Ladakh that offers a majestic view to its visitors. Zanskar valley is surely one of them. The valley in itself is a semi-arid region that is located around 105 kilometres from Leh. The valley offers an array of adventurous activities including the likes of water rafting, trekking, paragliding and many more. As far as sightseeing is considered, you can visit some of the ancient monasteries here, water bodies, valleys, and snow-capped peaks of the mountains. The best time to visit the place is from June to September to experience the snow and chilling temperature. Some of the must visit monasteries here are Sani, lingshed, stongdey, Phuktal monasteries among others. There are numerous trekking trials that can be undertaken for that adrenaline rush.

Kailash Expeditions provide for a budget friendly travel package to explore the unexplored in Zanskar. This includes stay at some of the best hotels in Zanskar. The hotels in Zanskar combines authentic food delicacies with a comfy stay. Budget as well as luxurious rooms are made available as per the requirement of the travellers. You can reach the place via air, road, or rail, and the team will arrange for an easy pick and drop to the hotel.

Travelling to Zanskar valley- A quick guide to the travellers

Zanskar has a difficult rough terrain that might be challenging for many first-time trekkers. Once you reach the place after a hectic journey or drive, it is recommended get relaxed and fresh at the finest Hotels in Zanskar valley. This will give you an energetic start to a whole new travelling experience. The temperature drops here drastically, and hence the first and foremost thing to remember while travelling is to carry appropriate and sufficient clothing. If you are travelling with elders or kids, stock additional jackets and socks in case of emergency.

  • Keep stock of your medicines as the number of shops might be limited as you move ahead in the journey
  • As Zanskar valley is located at a high altitude, it is recommended to carry sun blocks and other essentials to prevent harmful radiations and sun burns
  • Fill up you tank at the nearest petrol pump, if you are self-driving
  • Take emergency kit with you that includes medicines, torches, water, food etc.
  • Charge up your phone and wallet, as there are limited ATMs, and charging spots after a certain point

With a well defined itinerary from Kailash, you will be able to explore the beauty of the valleys and mountains around Ladakh within a limited time and budget.