Horseback Safari in Ladakh - Indian Himalayas

Horse have been closest to the people of this highland-Ladakh since ages.
There is something unique while exploring the landscape of Ladakh and exploring the highland along with its wildlife life, the great predator snow leopard, Eurasian lynx, blue sheep, deer and many winter birds.
"Canter and weave through the roof of the world with our unique programs in Ladakh, Zanskar and eastern Karadoram range."


if you have been riding holidays that center for all is of course benificial if you have some riding experience before you go on a horse riding safari. However, some horse riding holidays do cater for complete beginners and you can learn on the job. A begnner's experience is likely limited to walking on trail ride or one or two begginer lessons. Begginer ridres have not yet learned the ability to correctly guide the horse with their aids Please ask us in finding an appropriate.


One with blimited horse riding experience, having only been on easy gentle ride or taken a few basic lessons. Novice riders know the basics on how to ask the horse to move forward, turn and stop. You have some experience in trotting and cantering on smooth, well-trained horses but not yet well balanced in the saddle or able to rise to trot for long period of time.


You have had number of lessons, been riding for a decent length of time, and are balanced in the saddle. An intermidate rider does not apply unintentional aids to the horse when they lose balance or become unseated.You are confident in controlling a sensible/quiet and responsive horse at all paces and in the outdoors. You can post/rise in the trot and do a two-point canter crossing one village to another.


One been riding for many years and are well balanced in the saddle. intermidate and riders are riding fit and ride regularly. You are confident in controlling a sensible but fit horse, it is also essential for your own safety and your enjoyment that you are confident at all paces and able to gallop out of trouble if required.


if you bare riding fit, well balanced in the saddle and confident outdoors at all paces and on almost any horse. You may have owned your own horse, compleated or explore and been riding for many years. if you are wishing to ride in environments where there is big game such as snow leopard, lynx and bluesheep present, then you will need an advanced or intermidate plus level of riding.You will need to be balenced in the saddle.

Able to react to all eventualites. it is essential for your own safety and your enjoyment that you are confident at all paces.