Ladakh Tour with Kailash

Mountains or beaches? Most of us often go for mountains for they exhibit natural beauty and calmness. The areas located at height or at high altitudes are often mountainous and one can indulge in loads of activities at such places. Ladakh is one such beautiful mesmerising place in India that has been experiencing high number of visitors since last few years. Amidst covid pandemic, the number has declined a bit, but as times have changed, the popularity of the place has also been on a rise. It is one such place that is popular among the Indian nationals as well as travellers from foreign countries.

Activities to do in and around Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the most popular tourist destination located in the beautiful Kashmir region. Most of the regions have high altitudes, mountains, cliffs and some of the beautiful lakes. All these characteristics makes it a tourist friendly destination and hence annually travellers from different countries visit the place. It has a natural beauty and apart from that is also adventurous. If you happen to be in or around the place, there is a list of adventurous or minimalistic activities that you can try. This includes trekking, motor biking, river rafting, camel or yak safari, skiing, shopping, site seeing and not very common but preferred activity, horseriding in Ladakh. Being a hilly region, horses are not very common in these areas, like yaks, camels or mules, but when they are around, people love to get a ride. Hence horse riding in Ladakh is one of the best ways to experience the local beauty of the place. You can choose the appropriate package from the list of available ones and include horse riding with the same. It is as per the convenience and time constraints of the travellers to get a half day or full day ride. Like horses, snow leopards are also a rare sight and you will find around 50% of the population around the Hemis National Park. There are many cafes, markets, monasteries around Ladakh that you can visit for a soulful expedition.

Ladakh tour with Kailash expedition

Ladakh is a small but wonderful destination and there are many things to explore here. To guide you through your journey, there could be no better travel partner than the Kailash Expeditions. The tour and travel operator has been a name in the industry for quite a long time and they have been serving the needs of travellers from across the globe. The main focus of the company is around the Himalayas that includes the likes of Kashmir, Ladakh, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh among others. The experienced and knowledgeable team here has analysed the changing travel patterns over the years and accordingly craft the itinerary that meets the requirements of a traveller or a group of travellers. They manage everything- right from your destination, pick up, sightseeing and drop off at the airport. Whether you are a solo traveller, or someone travelling with friends or family, the itinerary is designed is prepared accordingly. It keeps in mind the number of days of travel and all the possible locations that can be covered.