Cultural Tours in Ladakh

Tours and travel are part of everyone’s life, and we undertake this for varied reasons. Travelling with family and friends can be a fun experience but it takes a lot of stress and stamina to make required arrangements. Combining all elements of a journey together will result in a lifelong memory to cherish. The first and the foremost thing to consider while planning a tour will be the location or places that mist be covered in the itinerary. We all aim for maximum experience in limited time and budget. Requirements vary with travel partners as well as with the time of the year you are planning to travel. For certain regions, there are on season and off seasons as well, so consider all these probabilities before planning your next vacation.

All about cultural tours and travel

As the name suggests, cultural tours are a tour that are taken to experience the cultural extravaganza of a place. Every place has distinct and unique cultural features, some of which are explored, while some might not. As a traveller, one should focus on exploring the unexplored and visit the place at that time of the year when such extravaganza happens. Every locality, village, towns within a state will have different cultural festivities rituals, all these can be experienced within a single travel package at Kailash Expeditions. The company is one of the well-known tour operators that offer budget friendly and well-planned cultural tours in India. The itinerary is planned in a way so as to cover maximum and offer you an experience of best cultural tours in India.

  • To get a genuine experience, do research and select a reputed tour guide
  • Do a complete study of the cultural diversities prevalent at the place
  • The more you spend time on the respect, the more will you be inclined towards the culture
  • Prepare the itinerary in a way that all co passengers are comfortable and safe throughput the travel period
  • To carry out a cultural tour, it is important to be maintain a calm, as it is more immersive than engaging

Cultural Tours with Kailash Expeditions

Indian culture tours are diverse and mesmerising. You can learn a lot from different rituals and cultures that are existing in the country. Ladakh Leh are a paradise for any traveller, but for many it is a heaven in terms of its annual festivals and cultural rituals. If you are planning to pay a visit to the place, do ensure to experience the extravaganza and feat that Ladakh offers in terms of its cultural diversity. Some of the cultural feasts at the place includes the like of Losar or the New year for the locals here. It is celebrated across Leh Ladakh around March to mark the onset of a new year as per Tibetan calendar. Another famous 2-day fest is Hemis Tsechu, organised by the Hemis monastery. It is celebrated for Lord Padmasambhava. Every month here marks a special occasion, and the best part is that locals and travellers from across the globe visit the place during the period and celebrates the festival with equal enthusiasm.