Kailash Expedition to Pangong

Ladakh is surely one of the wonders of nature that is blessed with some of the natural elements like beautiful mountains, lakes and valleys. For every ardent traveller, Ladakh tops the list of favourite destinations. There are many natural destinations in the district and Pangong area is one them which witnesses many numbers of visitors annually. The number has been increasing every year. Kailash Expeditions is one of the pioneer tour and travel company that has its main focus on mountainous areas including Leh and Ladakh. Read further to know more about the places in and around Ladakh.

All about Pangong

Ladakh has many attractions to look forward for a traveller and Pangong lake is one of the most famous one. The lake is situated at a great elevation of around 4350 meters. It is touted to be the world’s highest saltwater lake which beautifully blue in colour surrounded by majestic mountain ranges. For all these features, the lake is one of the most appropriate places for camping. There are several organised Camps in Pangong Lake as well and some of them are arranged by the team at Kailash as well. The place is well connected by air, rail and road. The nearest railway station to reach the place is Jammu Tawi and foreign travellers can reach via flight at airport at Kusho Bakula Rinpoche and Leh Ladakh.

Although there are many beautiful lakes around Leh and Ladakh and this is one of them. The team at Kailash Expeditions are well experienced and expert in preparing a traveller friendly itinerary and they are one of the best organisers of camps in Pangong. Another attractive feature of the lake is the fact that it changes colour from blue to green to red at different instances of time. All these makes the lake a must visit place when around Ladakh.

Why choose Kailash for Pangong expeditions

Kailash Tour and Travels is one of the pioneer travel agencies that has been in the industry for quite a long time from now. They are aware of the fact that every traveller has different needs. Some might be travelling solo, some with their friends or some with their friends and at every instance the travel needs vary constantly. The lake at Pangong is one of the most tourist friendly destinations that offers a wide range of activities as well. Some of the Best Camps in Pangong is organised by the tour operators at Kailash.

As per the requirement of the client and number of days of stay in Ladakh, the tour operators carefully plan the itinerary so as to cover most of the attractions and activities. For the peak season, the price of the tour package may be higher than in other months, so travellers need to choose their stay time and package accordingly. Apart from sightseeing near and around the lake, there are other attractions as well including the likes of light and gentle walking, jeep safari, camping and other visits to the nearby monasteries. As the service provider focus highly on places like Ladakh, a traveller should be assured by their quality of service.